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Tilt & Turn Handle with Restrictor

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Tilt & Turn Handle with Restrictor
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Tilt & Turn Handle with Restrictor - Code: TATHDRES
An ideal replacement for Tilt and Turn windows, complete with all necessary fixings and spindle. The fixing screws are 45mm apart. Comes with Kissi Catch Restrictor for child safety.

A simple two pinch restrictor that stops the handle moving without the pinch been activated.

Comes complete with non locking handle and restrictor 

  • 7mm x 7mm x 32mm long spindle
  • Long spindle that can be cut down to suit any length
  • 43mm between centre of screw holes
  • 10mm diameter fixing lugs
  • Aluminium swivel cover plate to conceal screw fixings (supplied)
  • Fits in seconds by removing/reinstalling 2x screws

Fitting guide:

  1. Most Tilt and Turn handles can be fitted without too much difficulty.  The fixing screws will be obscured with either cover caps or, in most cases, a cover plate.
  2. First turn the handle horizontally 90 degrees, then remove the cover caps with a sharp object or slightly lift and turn the cover plate to reveal the screw fixing positions.
  3. With a screwdriver, unfasten the screws to remove the handle.  Measure the old handle spindle against your new handle and using a hacksaw cut the spindle of your new handle to the same length.
  4. Keeping the new handle in the same position as the old one (90 degree horizontal) simply refit the new handle and tighten the screws, returning the handle downwards into the locked position once more.


 Please note that diagram shows the locking version, but all dimensions are correct. 




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