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Panic Hardware

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Products In Panic Hardware

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Anti-Panic Pushpad
Our Price: £85.80
Anti-Panic Pushpad - Code: PH3520325

Outside Access Handle
Our Price: £86.35
Outside Access Handle - Code: PH3610125

Panic Bolt
Our Price: £181.50
Panic Bolt - Code: PH3550325

Panic Latch
Our Price: £169.40
Panic Latch - Code: PH3570325

Push Bar Single
Our Price: £77.00
Push Bar Single - Code: XLL5760

Push Bar with Vertical Rods
Our Price: £96.80
Push Bar with Vertical Rods - Code: XCL5760

External Attachment
Our Price: £64.90
External Attachment - Code: XIA5003

Push Pad Latch
Our Price: £84.70
Push Pad Latch - Code: XIA5002

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